Thursday, July 15, 2021

Day Five

Our first home build of the week sponsored by Calvary Chapel Sequim and Dungeness Community Church

Second build sponsored by two private donors

Walking down the street in my old hometown of Chimaltenango 

My Chimal Guatemalan family from King of Kings Church 

Saul looking through the hundreds of people who need wheelchairs 

Antigua is phenomenally beautiful 

Roxana and Family

The American team

Jim aka “Santiago” 

Outside the Bethel Ministries Wheelchair shop 

My Guatemalan brother Minor and American one David

“Speak amigo and enter” (Lord of the Rings reference)

 Marcos and Ruby, 13 years later 

Hermano Pedro, Antigua 

Honestly I could eat this Guatemalan breakfast everyday for the rest of my life

 Being a hardcore tourist in Antigua 

    With the work done we were able to enjoy the day on our way back to my old hometown of Chimaltenango via Guatemala City for Covid testing and Antigua for sight seeing. We toured the old shop where I use to work alongside Ruby and Marcos (who are confined to chairs) and saw the outside of my old apartment. We ate ice cream in the park, toured the marketplace where everyone stared at the three gringos and then headed to our hotel. At 6:30pm I was able to host a pizza party for my Guatemalan church friends. I heard about their lives and then shared my testimony of how God miraculously used Guatemala to change my life forever. We were all in tears. It was a truly special reunion after 13 years. I’m so thankful to God for these moments as these people were directly involved with my coming back to Jesus in January of 2008. I’m forever grateful. Tomorrow we leave Chimaltenango at 4am for the airport. I’m exhausted but my heart is incredibly full. 

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