Monday, July 12, 2021

Day Two

The first group, socially distanced before the floodgates opened.

Jim+David working on precious Samantha’s chair

Approaching Gymnasio Municipal 

Emily on intake (white shirts = government workers

I kid you not, there was two inches of space for the wheelchair truck. We thought we would hit! 

The beautiful surrounding area 

Prepping the chair for the young man on the right

Precious Samantha

Local pastor in yellow sharing the gospel

Getting the swing of the humid heat and over the sore feet. Today was incredible. It was a distribution day where 59 people came through to receive 31 wheelchairs and 28 walkers/canes across 7 hours. The team custom fit each chair to the designated person and added additional safety features where needed. The Guatemalan Government and local church in Jicaro have partnered with Ben and Emily (Bethel) - it was quite the production. The day started with a ceremony where the three of us were presented special straw hats which then followed into an older woman speaking a blessing over me as I was able to simply adjust a new cane to her body... the gift of mobility that we take for granted is life changing. So many precious people. Pastors from the local church presented the gospel and prayed with each person who received a wheel chair. 10 people gave their lives to Christ today. 

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