Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Day Three

David and Jim putting on the roof


Prepping to put on roof

Jim got blasted with the blue painter. David took it pretty well

The dusty street outside of Roxanna’s house

Two private donors from DCC and Kingsway provided this house

Nearly done with the house 

 Getting the walls up

Roofing the house

Today proved the most challenging and beautiful housebuild yet. Jim and David Rivers seemingly thrived whereas the 91+ degrees with 70% humidity almost took me out. Had to take a breather to cool down just before and after lunch. El Rancho is a farming community with aloe vera and and tobacco leaves. The countryside is littered with massive cactus. We built for Roxanna and her two precious daughters today after the original single mother we were going to build a house for received one already. 

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