Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Day Four

First stop of the day with Andre and his family. When your single mom only brings in $100 a month, $25 for school (per kid!) is impossible

The sweetest girl with the brightest smile  

The incredible ministry rig

Saul is an incredible guy who runs the wheelchair shop

This family has experienced untold pain. We read Revelation 21:1-7 together.

Collecting bottles 

Mínor is my homeboy and an incredible truck driver

First home visit of the day

Day four brought four special home visits across town. We saw love, joy - including a four day old baby born Sunday, as well as profound struggle and pain. With each home visit we brought food, clothing and the gospel. Each family had a story and a life that was difficult to comprehend. One family lived illegally on government land and their situation was so rough and physically unhealthy I didn’t take a single picture. Another single grandmother would collect plastic bottles to the tune of 100lb(!) of plastic for $3 USD. Mothers of mothers lived together to make ends meet. Since paid work isn’t consistent, the ones that were able to work went while the other ones stayed home and tended children and household. Dirt floors made the rain we received last night that much more challenging to maintain a somewhat healthy living environment - add to that high humidity and it’s a recipe for disease. Rivers of literal garbage floated past their houses. In all of this, 3 of the 4 families had a living faith in Jesus. The missionary Ben pleaded with the fourth for Christ, but they weren’t ready to make a decision as a family. All in all it was a powerful day spent hearing the stories of four different families for a couple hours each. 

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