Saturday, February 6, 2010

What a week, I've been gone over a month....

This last week has been an incredible time of God just blowing me away through scripture and sermons.

I realized that evangelism/missions etc has more to with me than the salvation of others. Woah. I'm in complete awe of how God molds and shapes for His namesake to be glorified alone. How humbling this is- the "Fear and trembling" part has kicked into high gear...... check out Matt Chandlers sermon "Does God ...have two wills?" The link is posted below , it might open your eyes a little wider.
Open that page and then click on "Does God have 2 wills."

I wish I could show you all that has been spoken to me, but It probably wouldn't impact you the way it did for me so you will just have to take my word for it : ) I have this deep craving to study Theology.

The day after I arrived home from the Parachute Festival I opened the letter from the NZ government I received while in Hamilton for a week. All in my visa was going well- the only thing they needed was a simple "updated bank statement history". Lots of prayer has gone into this as I don't meet NZ requirements of money in the bank to study for the allotted time. I wrote a letter to the gov outlining my plan and I'm praying my immigration officer has a soft heart. I'm not exactly sure what the future would look like if it didn't work out. Gods taken care of me every step of the way and I know all will work out whatever happens. He has taught me so much through all of this, I have been changed.

A neat development has occurred that I did not want to write about pre-maturely but Avondale Baptist Church has been pursuing me to be the potential junior high lead for some weeks and I have been praying about the situation with much passion, asking the lord for discernment. I had another meeting with the Pastor Willem earlier this week as I shared with him that I'm interested in pursuing this, so I took a step forward and put myself out there. The lord has not said "No" , so I will move forward slowly with my hearts desire for the spirit to confirm. Today I was questioned by 2 of the elders and the pastor in a more formal setting meeting than previously experienced about my life/ministry model etc. It was a good time of sharing and I voiced some of my concerns about a doctrinal stance in the church. I will continue to move forward slowly and would appreciate your prayers in this area.

After the meeting, Martin and I biked into downtown Auckland and played bike-polo under the shadow of the Sky Needle with a few others... AWESOME... and now my legs are killing me. What a beautiful day. This next week Im looking at going out for a hiking trip in Waitakere to jump off one of the legendary waterfalls and get lost in the woods with my Bible.



Steve said...

Hey Dave, sorry to intrude into your blog, however I came across your blog by accident (I subscribe to google alerts and your blog happened to come up). Anyway, I'm an immigration lawyer and involved in Christian mission in Wellington New Zealand. If you require any assistance with Immigration New Zealand feel free to contact me. I have established a not-for-profit immigration advice organisation and we could assist for little or no cost. Also, if your ever in Wellington I could introduce you to some great people working with homeless people in the city. All the best with life in Auckland. Blessings, Steve

Steve said...

FYI - my contact details are 04 8311372 / 02102918255 /