Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Thats about all I can say right now. I was working for a family of ABC Church pulling weeds today and on my lunch break I biked home and checked my email. The same family I was working for emailed me and (The Quirkes) have agreed to sponsor me through my study here , allowing me to get a student visa! As I received that email, I checked the snail mail and the forms from the NZ Gov arrived in the mail. I promptly took the forms back to the house just completely excited for how this has all worked out. They where not at home at the time but I've never been so happy to pull weeds. Never a dull moment here down under.


For the visa to come quickly! Lectures start soon and I can't until the visa comes in. Pray that the government is speedy (a miracle in itself)

For God to reveal Himself to me as I develop a model for the Junior High and High School program I'm taking over. I want to point the students to Christ using what I've learned over the last 2 years. I want these Kiwi students to see Him in a real way.

It's amazing to see where God has taken me. Wild. None of these things where in my plans for coming here. When Sean was unable to come and I was here a month early it was for my benefit. I've always wanted that "weekend alone with God" and that became a month. This is the most I've ever gotten into the word and studied. The whole thing is amazing. WOW says it all.


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Kerry said...

Wow, David! What a blessing! Keep us posted on visa status and Gods work with the youth. Awesome to see how He's intricately designed each moment leading up to now... He is SO good!!